Cronos Network

Cronos Network is a Compatible EVM blockchain that is built on top of and utilizes CRO as its native coin, which is the native currency of
Following the steps of Binance (another Centralized Exchange) that decided to introduce some time back its own blockchain and successfully met and surpassed its expectations, Cronos is dedicated to also work all its way up until it reaches and stands on the top 5 places of the Crypto Market
Many indicators point out that Cronos has all the fonds to achieve its aims:
  1. 1. exchange is constantly growing with the current users to reach over 50 million and the daily volume approximately at $400M.
  2. 2. company has committed $100M to develop the ecosystem on Cronos. Indicating the seriousness of Cronos's project.
  3. 3.
    The marketing of the company until now is phenomenal and it is not going to stop anytime soon. It has already sponsored Formula 1 and many soccer competitions to lure the mainstream into the product. It has also been agreed that will sponsor the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.
  4. 4.
    CRO price is still undervalued, compared to BNB. This means that there is greater room for gains, improvement and potential.

Reasons for deploying Cropperfield in the Cronos Chain

Apart from the obvious reason which is the name of our Project, the Cropperfield team chose to operate on the Cronos Chain after realizing that it was the best option.
Why so?
  • Cronos chain is still in its early phase and it has tremendous potential to evolve into something huge and even beat the Binance Chain in the long run. Cropperfield having been established early, can evolve along with the chain.
  • Currently, in the Cronos Chain, the projects operating are very limited which lowers significantly the competition in contrast to other blockchains where known projects have already been established. Providing so many features as Cropperfield we can attract and form a solid community right from the start, placing our name among the top places on the Chain.
  • Cropperfield is going to reward all the participants with CRO coins. As we strongly believe that the price of the CRO coin is going to be further increased, participants have the opportunity to enjoy even larger gains.