Cropperfield's NFTs

NFTs can have various forms. Ranging from collectible png images to Gaming assets in a game-fi metaverse.
In Cropperfield's ecosystem, the NFTs are the only gateway to our unique rewarding system. This is achieved through the "NFT mining" mechanism in the Magic Farm feature. Each NFT has different magic power, providing different potential winnings when staked into the Magic Farm. At present, Cropperfield's NFTs are divided into Magic Trick Accessories and Magic Shards.

Magic Trick Accessories NFT Introduction

Magic Trick Accessories Collection
The functionality of the 5 Different Magic Trick Accessories is the most crucial in Cropperfield's Ecosystem since they act as the only gateway to our Rewarding System. Each user is able to stake each of the Magic Trick Accessories in its corresponding staking slot inside the Magic Farm Feature.
Useful Guides for their Utilities:

Magic Shards NFT Introduction

Magic Shard
Magic Shards NFTs play also a vital role in Cropperfield's ecosystem, as they contribute to the various features in their own way, unlocking all those elements that can boost the user's experience and potential earnings.
Magic Shards Use cases:
  • They can be used in boosting a staking slot. This way, the Multiplier of the boosted slot gets increased and as a result, the staked Magic Trick Accessory NFT of the corresponding spot provides the user with a higher amount of Magic Power.
  • They can be used in the Magic Craft Feature. If the user chooses to consume Magic Shards in the Combining event of the Magic Craft Feature, he increases his chances of getting back a higher tier Magic Accessory NFT.
Check the guide on how to obtain Magic Shards: