NFT Market

Cropperfield's Market is the place where users can trade their NFTs. Its importance is significant, since most users will find themselves in a spot where they will own more than one Magic Trick Accessory NFT of the same rarity. Trading NFTs in our Market, allows users to collect and stake all the 5 different Magic Trick Accessory NFTs with greater ease.

Cropperfield's Market Introduction

Cropperfield's Market on the Dapp

Trading Taxes

In every successful sale there is a Tax of 6% Implemented. 4% of this Tax is going straight into the Magic Farm Pool in order to be distributed among the active stakers and the rest 2% is taken by the Development Team of Cropperfield.
A user places one Magic Hat NFT in the Market, asking for 400 CRO coins. When a buyer decides to purchase the Magic Hat paying the 400 CRO price, 16 CRO (400*4%) of the whole amount will be deducted for the Magic Farm Pool, and 8 CRO (400*2%) of the whole amount will be deducted for the Development Team. The rest 376 CRO (400-24) will be transferred to the seller of the Magic Hat NFT.

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