NFT Mining Pool

NFT Mining Pool Introduction

Cropperfield's Ecosystem revolves around its NFT Mining Pool or else "Magic Farm" feature. Magic Farm is the place where any user can stake his Magic Trick Accessories NFTs that he owns for revenue. By staking the NFTs, the user provides his Cropperfield with Magic Power, which works as the distribution factor of the Total Revenue to be shared in CRO coins between the stakers. According to our economic model design, 4% of each Cropperfield Transaction Fee is injected into the Magic Farm Pool, in CRO coins and is immediately ready to be distributed.
Magic Farm Section on the Dapp

Staking Slots

There are 5 different Staking Slots available, each for every different Magic Trick Accessory NFT. This means that the user can not stake more than one of the same rarity NFT, since each one can only be staked on its corresponding slot. If a user manages to stake all 5 Magic Trick Accessories that are available, his Cropperfield enters Ultimum Stance and gets a significant boost of 2500 Magic Power.

How can you Participate in Magic Farm?