Project Background

Historical Flashback

Since the meme coin craze kicked off on the crypto space, right after the Shiba Inu's success story, thousands of tokens have been deployed on the various EVM blockchains that are available.
Around the first Quarter of 2022, it was time for the Cronos Network to offer hospitality to this massive craze, starting with Croge. Right after Croge found great acceptance, many developers thought that it would be a unique opportunity to follow Croge and deploy their projects on the Cronos Network. Investors have been convinced that Cronos Network is the next big thing and there was excitement all over the place. Unfortunately, the outcome was not the expected one.
The reason?
Developers had only one thing in their minds. How they could make quick gains, taking advantage of the hype that was flowing around. They gave almost zero effort to developing their projects and most essentially, they never realized the Cronos Chain and CRO's potential. That in turn, had the investors get massively disappointed since they couldn't find a serious and solid project to grab on to.

Cropperfield's Idea

Cropperfield's Idea was conceived around that time, in the First Quarter of 2022. Spectating the increasing recognition of the Cronos Network, we decided to start developing a solid project that would have something to offer to its community. Since we strongly believe in the CRO coin and its potential we wanted to build a project that could reward its participants with CRO coins. How this would be achieved? Magically!!
That's how the name initially came up. Combining the great American Illusionist's fictional name with the "CRO" Symbol of the Cronos native coin we created Cropperfield. A meme-utility project whose main focus is to "magically" reward its community in CRO coins, throughout its great variety of features.