Get a Magic Accessory NFT

Now that you got your first CROpperfield Tokens in your Wallet you can start participating in Cropperfield's features.
First of all, you will need to get a Magic Accessory NFT. You can either mint a new one or buy one instantly from the NFT Market, which another user has placed for sale.
Minting new Magic Accessory NFTs can be achieved by opening Magic Boxes.
Dapp's Magic Box Section
Head over to the Magic Box Section of our Dapp and click on the Open Box button. The price of Opening a Magic Box is 1.000.000 CROpperfield Tokens. Each time a user chooses to mint a new NFT, a new random number is being generated, which indicates which Rarity NFT the user will loot. The chances of looting each Magic Trick Accessory NFT rarity are being mentioned in the Info Tab right next to the Magic Box.