Stake the NFT for CRO Rewards

Since you have one Magic Trick Accessory NFT in your wallet, you can head over to the Magic Farm Section and participate in Cropperfield's rewarding system.
Dapp's Magic Farm Section

Stake your NFT in its matching staking slot

You can clearly see that there are 5 staking slots in total, each one matching each of the NFT rarities which are available.
In order to stake your Magic Trick Accessory NFT, you will firstly need to unlock its matching staking slot by paying a price in CROpperfield Tokens.
Price in CROpperfield Tokens to unlock each Staking Slot:
  • Gloves - 1.000.000
  • Dice - 2.000.000
  • Cards - 3.000.000
  • Hat - 4.000.000
  • Sphere - 5.000.000
Once you unlock a staking slot it remains permanently unlocked.
After you unlock the staking slot you can click on the Stake button and select the Magic Trick Accessory NFT. Once the transaction gets confirmed on the blockchain, you will see the Magic Trick Accessory brought to life on the photo and your Cropperfield will be provided with the magic power that the NFT holds.

Boosting a Slot

If you want to Boost a slot and increase its Multiplier you will need to click on the Boost button of the corresponding slot and pay the price in Magic Shards.
Price in Magic Shards to boost each Staking Slot:
  • Gloves - 10
  • Dice - 30
  • Cards - 60
  • Hat - 150
  • Sphere - 500
Each time you boost a staking slot it increases its Multiplier by 1
The Multiplier multiplies the Magic Power of the Staked Magic Trick Accessory NFT.
If you have a Magic Hat NFT staked on the Hat staking slot and you have boosted the staking slot to x2 multiplier, then the Magic Hat will provide your Cropperfield with 3000 Magic Power instead of 1500. (1500 x2 Multiplier)